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This memorial website was created in the memory of our  loved one, Andre' Thomas who was born in St.Augustine, Florida on November 12, 1989 and passed away on October 06, 2007 in Kansas City,Mo. at the age of 17.Andre' was the oldest of six children.He is dearly loved and heart breakingly missed! We will remember him forever.Andre' was murdered on 10/06/07 in K.C.,MO. @ Spring Valley Park @ 9:30p.This case is unsolved!!!!!





 We Love & Miss YOU



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In Memory   / Nicholas Penland MSW CSACII (counselor)
I worked with Andre at McCune he was in my Drug and Alcohol Classes. It saddened me to hear the news of his untimely death. I enjoyed working with him and he always talked about his family and being a role model for his siblings so they would not fol...  Continue >>
Sending a Snowman for my Angel Friend Andre'   / Lisa Maas (Angel Friend )
My broken heart   / Mom (mom)
My beautiful baby boy I love you more than words can say!I'm sorry I didn't tell you this more while you were still here!You left me to soon I still had so much to say.So much to teach you.One day I will hold you in my arms again this will be the day...  Continue >>
My baby   / Vickie Springer (Mom)
Time has passed yet the pain has not. Everyday I think of how you would have love all of your neices and nephews and how sad it is they will never meet you. We love you are you are still a part of our daily lives.
For The Family   / Melissa Day (friend of Vickie )
I did not have the pleasure of meeing Andre in this life, but I look forward to meeting him in heaven! Proverbs 3:5,6  Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He wi...  Continue >>
bubby / Amber Springer (sis)    Read >>
Happy Hallowheezie  / Family Of Lisa Maas     Read >>
Happy Hallowheezie  / Family Of Lisa Maas (Angel Friends )    Read >>
Easter Wishes  / AV/Laura     Read >>
Easter / Jim's Mom     Read >>
spring / Jim's Mom     Read >>
Valentine / Jim's Mom     Read >>
Happy Turkey Day..luv Lisa & family..  / AV/Laura Family Of Lisa Maas ♥.     Read >>
Turkey Day Wishes..luv Lisa..♥  / AV/Laura Family Of Lisa Maas ♥.     Read >>
Our Lil Hallowheezie..  / AV/Laura Family Of Lisa Maas (Angel Friends.. )    Read >>
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